TFP Shooting / Women wanted


Have you always wanted beautiful or special pictures of yourself? You want something for eternity, something that will last? Or maybe you just want to live out or realise an idea you have?

Then you are exactly right here!

I am always looking for new, interesting faces and shooting ideas. No matter if you are interested in lingerie, swimwear, partial nude, hidden nude, nude, body parts, fetish, together we will create an unforgettable experience during your shooting. It doesn’t matter if you have experience, are at the beginning of your shooting career or just want to take some pictures.

It doesn’t matter if you have „flaws“ that are considered a „no-go“ by others. Whether braces, figure, scars, or whatever, together we manage to put you in the right light.

I prefer outdoor photography and work only with natural light out of conviction. Of course, I do not exclude a beautiful photo series indoors, on location, and I am also enthusiastic about it. TFP = „Time For Prints“, although nowadays Time For Photos would probably be more appropriate, is a variant of the model contract we will conclude. Here it is regulated that neither of us has any further costs. That means neither you nor I get any money for it. What remains for me is the experience I gain from these shoots and for you the pictures plus some post-processed pictures. For both of us, there is the fun we have at the shoot and the opportunity to meet another person in life who enriches our lives.


So, whether you are a model, a woman next door, a hobby model, a curious noodle, a shy deer….if you are looking for a TFP shooting in Bulgaria, then we will definitely get something done.

I’d also like models with whom I can work together on a long-term basis. That makes communication easier and you already know what makes the other person tick 🙂